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AlphaCraft's original mini-game is now available to play by everyone. The goal of Sky Battle is to keep your team's villager alive and defeat the other teams' villagers. Collect gold by going to the middle of the map and killing people, and use your gold to upgrade your gear and boost your team. There are several classes to unlock and upgrade by earning sky gems for doing well in games.
We are excited to unveil treasure chests! These can be bought with coins and discovered randomly while playing games. There are three types: mini chests, epic chests, and legendary chests. Opening one will give you coins or gadget ammo, or will unlock a hub effect. The rarer the treasure chest, the more likely you are to find something amazing. To buy and open treasure chests, click the treasure chest in hub with the shiny "Open Treasure" title.

We know how fun it is to climb to the top of leaderboards, so today we're releasing stats. Type /stats to view leaderboards for AlphaCraft stats and Kit PvP stats. The top ten in each category are shown for "Today," "This Week," and "All Time." There are ten different categories to get recognized in, so get climbing!

We set out some time ago to make AlphaCraft home to the "world's best kitpvp," and we now believe that goal has been accomplished (send us your feedback if you still see room for improvement). Next up on the agenda is to make AlphaCraft home to the world's best skyblock. We have some pretty exciting ideas already being worked on by our build team and development team that we can't wait to...
New Year, New Spawn
We've updated the spawn in KitPvP to a more detailed and spacious one. We've also raised it up a little and removed the water at the bottom (don't worry - you won't take fall damage). Hopefully the new design will feel less intimidating and more spacious from inside the spawn, and more like the true center of the map from outside it.

Slot 5 in your hotbar is now an enderpearl that takes you to a random spot in the map when you click on it. Now you don't have to worry about being pounced on as soon as you hop out of spawn.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Other updates:
- disallowed enderpearling into spawn
- hopefully fixed blindness that mysteriously ocurred after logging in
+ made /spawn reset your inventory the same way it...
That's right, the day is almost here! Our grand opening will be Friday at 7:00pm ET (east coast time), which will be 4:00pm on the west coast. Since timezones are confusing, we've started a precise countdown that you can see by adding alphacraft.us to your server list.

Is it going to be any different from beta?
We got a lot of really positive feedback throughout the last two weeks of beta, mostly about the amazingness of KitPvP - so we haven't removed anything except for one class that we felt was too generic. On the contrary, we've more than doubled the number of classes and effects that were available during beta! To show off some of the coolest new KitPvP effects, we made a video for you:

In addition to classes and effects we've added lotto ticket buying, a delivery pirate to collect free points and coins daily and monthly, KitPvP progress updates every 10 minutes, and staff ability to toggle join/leave/death messages when there are a lot of players on. Our open beta period also helped us in discovering and squashing several bugs, resulting in a smoother and more fun pvp experience!
Thanks to the hard work of everyone on the team, I am now super happy to announce that AlphaCraft is officially released in open beta mode!!

What exactly does "open beta" mean?
Firstly, "open" means anyone can join and play, which you should definitely do (ip: alphacraft.us). The beta part means that we don't expect everything to be perfect for about the first month while we fix a bunch of small but inevitable bugs. During this time we'll also be working on beautifying our website and making sure it works for devices of all sizes. In terms of new content, don't expect too much during beta except new KitPvP classes, a delivery pirate, and more Hub Effects available in the Prize Lotto.

When is AlphaCraft going to be out of beta?
As soon as we smooth everything out and make sure our website is all nice and shiny, we will move out of beta and focus on building a great community by advertising and cranking out more high quality content for you!

Until then, LactemSr

Our referral system has now been completely coded and thoroughly tested, so you'll notice the progress meter just inched higher. Currently we're working on fixing a couple bugs, adding several small but important features, and creating the "My Profile" menus for you to keep track of your info. According to the progress meter, our next move after that is the Prize Lotto, which is set to be fully tested in a couple weeks. See ya soon!
Hi all. We haven't posted an update for a while, so we took some screenshots for you to see what's been accomplished since last time. The progress meter graphic from our last post has also been updated so you can see that AlphaCraft is a little over 75% ready to launch. If you like what you see, please help us out by investing (at our webstore: shop.alphacraft.us), sending us an email letting us know you would like to join the team, and/or spreading the word to all your Minecraft friends.
Part of the KitPvP map ⤴
Another part of the KitPvP map ⤴
An UltraSpleef map ⤴
Change your name and chat style in this menu ⤴
A "rank tag" and a particle effect ⤴
Staff get rank tags too ⤴
Cool hat, right? ⤴​
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