Dual Survival

Inspired by the popular TV show, Dual Survival is a gametype in which teams of two try to survive until they can find civilization. You must fend off hostile mobs by night and gather resources by day. The ultimate goal is to find civilization and conquer them or earn your place by trading them the goods they demand.

Kit PvP

AlphaCraft Kit PvP is our idea of what the perfect Kit PvP game should look like. Being players of Minecraft, we know how fun kitpvp can be... but we also know how much better it could be. Press Learn More to see how we take kitpvp to the next level.

Ultra Spleef

Ultra Spleef is our take on the popular spleef minigame, but it's not exactly what you're used to. We've amplified the spleef experience by replacing flat layers of snow with 3D maps of varying sizes, and by upgrading your boring old shovel to a selection of balanced classes, each with their own cool abilities.